Online Registration for Watering exemptions

  • PLEASE TAKE NOTE : If it ever becomes necessary for the Town of Cary to temporarily ban automated irrigation for any reason, watering exemption permits may be nullified without notice.
  • exemptions will allow daily watering as needed to establish new seed, sod, or plugs.
  • exemptions will be for 45 days, beginning with the requested start date. The length of the exemption period takes into consideration delivery and weather delays that may influence the start date of your permit. Experts recommend new seed/sod be kept moist for up to three weeks.
  • All current water and sewer rates apply as usual to the water consumed during the exemption period.
  • All Cary utility customers may apply for one Alternate Day watering exemption permit per year per account by completing the application below.

Please complete and submit the registration form below to receive an
exemption to the Alternate Day Watering Ordinance. You will receive a
notification confirming your registration.